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Potential Win is the amount that would be returned to you on a placed wager, prior to settlement or results being known. The potential win is determined based on the odds of the selections, the bet type and the wagered amount. Even Money is a bet that returns as much profit as the initial wager was. For example, a bet of $100 with a $200 return ($100 profit). And while that’s simple enough, it’s important to understand what that means in terms of odds and a potential payout for bettors. Different sportsbooks will provide different odds on moneylines, so it’s important for bettors to shop around to find the best value to maximize potential winnings.

What’s nice about the moneyline is there’s no math involved, no backdoor covers and no different winner based on sportsbook lines and odds. The moneyline is simply interested in which team wins and which team loses. The side you choose has to cover the run line for you to have a winning bet. Unlike spreads, the run line is set at a standard of 1.5 runs. However, operators can offer alternate run lines under the “more wagers” listing for individual games. Placing a bet on the run line goes much deeper than figuring out which side is going to win or lose.

Most novice bettors only have one sportsbook, which is a very big mistake. As I mentioned in my “linemakers” piece, sportsbooks give the linemakers the freedom to set their own lines as they see fit. While most books may post what seems like the same lines, you can always find a better line if you look hard enough. Some places will be a half point lower or higher depending on the line, while some may have a better price tag associated with that particular line. If sports betting is currently legal in your state, check the lines on the next round of games when they open, and keep an eye on them for a few days.

Backing a popular underdog early on will give you better odds than waiting until the day of the event. • Make smaller bets during the first week of the NFL season. The league has long strived for parity among the teams, and this has resulted in squads transforming from league doormats into contenders within the span of a season. Before you risk a lot of money on your hometown favorite, let the season develop for a week or two to see how last year’s dogs and favorites are performing. • Most sportsbooks do not allow the player to place a money line bet on two competing teams. This is an important fact to keep in mind before placing any wager.

If I think the share price is going to go up, I might bet £10 a point (i.e., £10 per penny the shares moves) at 411p. Note that my total loss could be up to £4110, so this is as risky as buying 1000 of the shares normally. Brett Smiley is the editor-in-chief of SportsHandle.com, covering sports betting legislation, the industry and culture.

There is still a favorite and an underdog team, and your risk is around however much the set price is to vote for the favorite. This type of betting is primarily used for all major sports. Given the 162-game season and the importance placed on starting pitching, baseball moneylines can be more complex than football and basketball moneyline betting. Knowledge of how to bet on MLB games and how odds can affect payout is very crucial in this league. Because moneyline odds are so simple to understand, bettors will know when they’ve lost.

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